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Convection oven model CONVE / BRIO

Convection oven model CONVE
Model: Convection ovens serie CONVE

electric or gas convection...


electric or gas convection oven with mechanical or digital controls. inernal and external construction in stainless steel of the highest quality, equipped with a rounded chamber to facilitate cleaning, door in tempered crystal with sealing gasket in siliconized rubber, electric heating with burner in stainless steel. the oven is also equipped with two fans that rotate in both directions; baking is optimized thanks to the perfect heating system and the possibility of inserting steam as needed. the capacity is for either 5, 10 or 16 trays measuring 40x60 or 45x65 depending on the model. version with programmable computer (80 programs) on request. Line BRio inoX comprises convection ovens with and without humidifier. ideals for
the baking of all the types of brioches, pizzette, cakes and dept freeze or precooked bread. they are therefore indispensable for bar, snack-bar, paninoteche, pizzerie, and self-service.

Model: Convection ovens serie BRIO

The line of ovens BRio...


The line of ovens BRio completes the range of pastry and bakery ovens
• Convection electrical or gas ovens, for 3/4/5/6/10/16 trays, further enhanced by size 400x600 mm
• Made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel.
• motor with two-way running direction and double speed.
• Digital controls and programmable board (on request).
• Three-layer, hardened glass door, with glass chamber.