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From consultation to installation and beyond, MAC.PAN is your bakery equipment partner.

Since 1983, as a family-owned business, we have provided the very best in bakery, pastry, pizza and foodservice equipment solutions for retail, commercial, and high-volume industrial bakeries.


Bread, the foodstuff par excellence of humankind, has evolved in turn based on the progress made in our dietary habits and lifestyles. In fact, our machines for bakeries are designed and manufactured to meet the demand of end consumers as well as the demand of producers to whom we provide an efficient support service. In addition to the above, we also offer oven equipment, supplies for bakeries, also for retailers and wholesale suppliers.


Mac.Pan branded pastry shop machinery guarantees production in line with the tastes and needs of consumers around the world, as well as constant reliability over time. In addition to the repair service, and a capillary support service, we also offer equipment and supplies for pastry shops, as well as for retailers and wholesale suppliers.


Pizza, a wholesome and complete foodstuff, has conquered the entire world. Despite its countless variations, its dough requires accurate kneading, adequate for its different ingredients, as guaranteed by our machines, ovens and equipment for pizzerias. Also in this sector, together with the precise and informed support service, we provide equipment and supplies for pizzerias, as well as for retailers and wholesale suppliers.


Our Ho.Re.Ca. machinery includes various types, tailored to the different segments. Restaurants, hotels, catering, industrial kitchens: for such complex clients, our machinery can meet wide-ranging needs, also guaranteed by our support service. In this sector too, we offer equipment and supplies for pizzerias, as well as for retailers and wholesale suppliers.
l'arte della panificazione


We decided to work in the industrial sector of bread-making with responsibility and enthusiasm, offering our services at the start of this important food chain, specialising in the production of fully reliable and long-lasting bread-making machinery.

Being aware of the importance of bread and flour working throughout the history of humankind, since 1983 we offer many state-of-the-art systems, as well as repairs, recovery and reconditioning of machinery, giving it new life to contribute, on our part, to providing end customers with healthy and balanced food products.

The art of bread-making is, for us, a vocation which has allowed us, over time, to broaden our know-how of production lines for pastry shops, pizzerias and the Ho.Re.Ca sector, guaranteeing technology, reliability and service all over the world.


We began by dismantling and re-assembling machinery for bakeries, to repair them, adding our perfect know-how of how each part works. The idea then came to perfectly and accurately service each machine, replacing any part, to restore it to full functionality and prepare it for a new production cycle.


Do you have unused machinery you want to sell? Are you looking for someone who can offer you an estimate and dismantling service for your equipment? Contact us! We can efficiently and effectively sell the unused equipment in your company. Please contact us and our team will give you an immediate and precise quote.