• Bread molder for sandwich, baguette and tin bread FR25LUX

    The moulder model F25LUX is a very versatile machine with wich it can be obtained the desired shape for each kind of bread. Its function is to lengthen the dough portions with different shapes: short bread, long bread, baguette, with thin ends, without ends, etc.

  • Bread molder for rolled bread 2 or 4 cylinders FR/FR-F

    Designed to mold any kind of rolled bread. Equipped with special automatic dough return device for easier operation. The pressing rollers and the moulder belt are independently adjusted. FR/2C: bread moulder 2 cylinders FR/2CF: bread moulder 2 cylinders with loaf device FR/4C: bread moulder 4 cylinders FR/4CF: bread moulder 4 cylinders with loaf device

  • Baguette molder 2 or 3 cylinders MBA

    The machine is planned under the traditional rules to produce great baguettes and any loaves. The dough is laminated first and then wrapped, rolled and extended through two belts with opposite sense of rotation. MBA /2C: baguette moulder 2 cylinders MBA /3C: baguette moulder 3 cylinders

  • Bread stick machine MGR

    It’s mass-supplied with adjustable press so as to make even the thickness of dough when entering in the die.  The cut dough can be carried out by manual or electric control or through programmation by timer for continuous duty.  All surfaces in touch with the dough are in Stainless Steel or Teflon. MGR: manual cutting MGRA: automatic cutting