Retarder fermentation proofers - MAC PAN

Retarder fermentation proofers 

  • Controlled fermentation proofer for trolleys RPA

    The dough retarder proofers allow the baker to organize his work better saving him from night work. As a matter of fact the product can be prepared during the day and, when ready for yeast activity, put into the dough retarder proofer that will give it back perfectly leavened and ready to bake at a determined time next morning. -5°C / +35°C SERIE /N-18° /...

  • Controlled fermentation cabinet trays 40x60 or 60x80 MB

    Recommended for small or medium production of seasoned doughRetarder proofer cabinets is ideal for small or medium production of dough typically seasoned or pastry products. Technical specs- stainless steel chassis- reversible self-closing doors  - inside brackets for trays- strut with adjustable legs - working temperature: -5°C / +35°C or -18° / +35°