Bread, the foodstuff par excellence of humankind, has evolved in turn based on the progress made in our dietary habits and lifestyles. The industry must take account of this and must therefore design and manufacture machinery capable of meeting the segmented, exacting and selective demand of end users.

In fact, our bread-baking machinery is designed and manufactured to meet the demand of end users as well as that of our production clients, to whom we guarantee an efficient support service. In addition to the above, we offer oven equipment, bread-making supplies, including for retailers and wholesalers.

The bread-making process is complex, delicate and now more than ever before, in a context that is attentive to correct and healthy eating, it must be supported by knowledgeable craftsmanship combined with a perfect industrial process.

Our machinery, equipment and supplies for bakeries cover all the phases of the bread-making process, from mixing, through leavening to baking, are carefully respected, to produce an end product with high organoleptic qualities. A range of highly reliable industrial solutions that comply with EC standards and are guaranteed by Mac.Pan.

  • Water doser and doser/mixer MA/MD/MDM

    The dosing units MA and dosing and mixing MDM they provide a valuable aid to the baker because they serve to dose in a precise and automatic the amount of water needed to produce a dough. MA: DOSING UNITS MD/MDM: DOSING AND MIXING UNITS

  • Water chiller MR

    The water chillers serve to cool the water destined to the creation of mixtures for food products such as bread, pasta, etc. They are constructed of stainless steel, the tank and the evaporator coil 304, and with fittings and materials from only the European market. MR: WATER COOLER CWR: WATER COOLER + WATER METER

  • Flour sifter MSF

    Able to eliminate all impurities and is specially studied to oxygen the flavour. Mounted on wheels with a locking device, equipped with a revolving exit system. In the basic model the flour comes out at 104 cm from floor level (on request the height can be modified). Can be inspected on both sides. Sifting capacity 100 Kg every 5’.

  • Spiral mixer MX/MXR/MXRE

    The spiral mixer is the ideal equipment for pizzerias, bakeries and families. The particular shape of the spiral allows obtaining a perfectly mixed dough in few minutes. The bowl, the spiral, the central column and the protection grid are made of stainless steel. MX: FIXED HEAD AND FIXED STEEL BDWL MXR: LIFTABLE HEAD AND FIXED STEEL BOWL MXRE: LIFTABLE...

  • Spiral mixer with fixed bowl MSP

    Two motors - Reversing direction of rotation bowl - Two electronic timers The body of the mixer is made of steel, the central tool, spiral arm and protective grid and bowl are all in stainless steel. This type of mixer is suitable for bakeries and cake shops and allows for shorter working times to be obtained. JET/T: HYDRATION >55% JET/TS: HYDRATION <55%

  • Automatic spiral mixer with lifter MSPV/MSPB

    Three motors - Reversing direction of rotation bowl - Hydraulic movements - Two electronic timers The automatic mixer with lifter is used to tilt a compact spiral mixer while maintaining all the operating characteristics and solidity of the machine . MSPB: DISCHARGE ON TABLE MSPV: DISCHARGE ON DIVIDER

  • Automatic spiral mixer with removable bowl MSPA

    Three motors - Reversing direction of rotation bowl - Hydraulic movements - Two electronic timersThe automatic spiral mixer with removable bowl is equipped with automatic lifting and coupling. RCEB: Tilting lift for removable bowl for table RCET: Tilting lift for removable bowl for divider

  • Fork Mixer VL

    Ideal mixer for medium/artisan bakery laboratory and pizzeria. Capacity finished dough Kg. 35/40 or Kg. 80.Fixed stainless steel bowl. Gearing with reducer in oil bath. Machine on wheels. VL: MACHINE WITH 2 GEAR MOTORSVL330: FREE BOWL MODEL

  • Twin arm mixer IBT

    Steel structure painted  Bowl made of outstandingly thick stainless steel with a reinforcement at the base. Available in three versions 40, 50, 60, 110, 130, 150 kg. The arms are made of 20 mm thick stainless steel, and mounted on self-lubricated ball bearings. Gears made of spheroidal cast iron immersed in an oil bath to guarantee silence and durability.

  • Manual divider SMTA

    The manual divider is an extreme reliable, simple and efficient equipment, that fit suit to multiple realities, typologies, recipes and operators. Available in standard and stainless steel version in the models with 8, 15, 20, 30 units, for 3kg and 8kg of dough capacity.

  • Manual bun rounding dividers MSRS

    Manual bun rounding dividers are machines that cut a piece of raw dough into small portions and, using an oscillating plate, subsequently roll each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape, all in a few seconds!

  • Automatic bun rounding dividers MSRS AUT

    Automatic bun rounding dividers are machines that cut a piece of raw dough into small portions and, using an oscillating plate, subsequently roll each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape, all in a few seconds.

  • Manual dividers MSM

    Mechanical machine. Pressing, cutting and knife cleaning are carried out using levers. MSQM: SQUAREMSEM: HEXAGONALMSTM: ROUND

  • Semi-automatic hydraulic divider MSS

    Hydraulic machine, with one double-acting cylinder for pressing and cutting. All functions are carried out using a joystick, which allows very simple and rapid pressing, pressing and cutting and knife cleaning. MSQS: SQUAREMSES: HEXAGONALMSTS: ROUND

  • Automatic hydraulic divider MSA

    Hydraulic machine, with one double- acting cylinder for pressing and cutting. Control panel that allows adjustment of pressing and cutting. Knife cleaning button. Can store up to 9 different programs. MSQA: SQUAREMSEA: HEXAGONALMSTA: ROUND

  • Hydraulic divider with grids MSQG

    Each divider can be equipped with various types of grids and grills to expand its capabilities. MACPAN's quick and efficient system of changeable grids is designed to achieve the cuts, sizing and shapes best suited for each type of dough, while using the same machine.

  • Volumetric divider SV

    Volumetric divider with vaacum system suitable to work soft or medium soft dough containing minimum 55% of water. The machine is available with one or two pistons. Available in automatic or semi-automatic version. SV: SINGLE PIECE SV/2: DOUBLE PIECE

  • Conical rounders MPC

    Ideal for rounding both soft and medium dough. The rolling effect is achieved by means of a cone that, while rotating, rolls the dough along a concave spiral-shaped way, and enables production of spherical loaves. MPC: FIXED CHANNELS MPCR: ADJUSTABLE CHANNELS

  • Band rounders BRR

    For soft doughs: The band rounder MACPAN is the appropriate machine for rounding soft dough. There are two lenghts available, 1400mm and 1900mm Suitable for dough with 65 to 90 liters of water for each 100kg of flour.Speed variator to adjust the relative speed between the bands to obtain different degrees of rounding.Suitable for pieces up to 2200g.

  • Intermediate proofer IP

    Bread dough fermentation cabinets: its function is that the divided portions of dough lose the acquired tension giving it adequate resting time and facilitate the following step of the process: moulding. DYNAMIC INTERMEDIATE PROOFER:the dough changes hopper several times while proofingSTATIC INTERMEDIATE PROOFER:the pieces of dough do NOT change hoppers...

  • Bread molder for sandwich, baguette and tin bread FR25LUX

    The moulder model F25LUX is a very versatile machine with wich it can be obtained the desired shape for each kind of bread. Its function is to lengthen the dough portions with different shapes: short bread, long bread, baguette, with thin ends, without ends, etc.

  • Bread molder for rolled bread 2 or 4 cylinders FR/FR-F

    Designed to mold any kind of rolled bread. Equipped with special automatic dough return device for easier operation. The pressing rollers and the moulder belt are independently adjusted. FR/2C: bread moulder 2 cylinders FR/2CF: bread moulder 2 cylinders with loaf device FR/4C: bread moulder 4 cylinders FR/4CF: bread moulder 4 cylinders with loaf device

  • Baguette molder 2 or 3 cylinders MBA

    The machine is planned under the traditional rules to produce great baguettes and any loaves. The dough is laminated first and then wrapped, rolled and extended through two belts with opposite sense of rotation. MBA /2C: baguette moulder 2 cylinders MBA /3C: baguette moulder 3 cylinders

  • Bread stick machine MGR

    It’s mass-supplied with adjustable press so as to make even the thickness of dough when entering in the die.  The cut dough can be carried out by manual or electric control or through programmation by timer for continuous duty.  All surfaces in touch with the dough are in Stainless Steel or Teflon. MGR: manual cutting MGRA: automatic cutting

  • Horizontal bread slicers OP

    Horizontal slicer. It allows the full or partial slicing of loaves (sandwiches, buns). The cutting height and also the cutting depth are adjustable..* Possibility to have the base

  • Semi-automatic bread slicer MPT

    Steel machine in table version or stand with wheels and brake. The cutting is made by double frame of blades with an alternative axial movement. Supply there is a crumbs drawer, plans and bread-pusher in stainless steel. Bread-pusher with lever MINI: table top version MPT: on wheels version

  • Automatic bread slicer with motorized belts MPT/AUT

    Our industrial series of bread slicers are designed for intensive working environment. Durability, high capacity and low maintenance were the most important viewpoints when we designed this machine. Special belts designed for bread slicers. Both the upper and lower belts are moving and their speed can be regulated. The upper belt’s height can be regulated...

  • Bread grinder MAC

    The bread mills are machines that are used to produce bread crumbs starting from dried bread.The granulometry of the product that comes out of the machine is variable depending on the size of the holes of the filter network which is mounted in the machine and is easily replaceable.