The area of simple pleasures is also covered by our offer. The pastry shop machinery by Mac.Pan guarantees production in line with the tastes and needs of consumers around the world, combined with constant reliability over time.

In addition to the repair service, and a capillary support service, we also offer equipment and supplies for pastry shops, including for retailers and wholesale suppliers.

The technology used at industrial level for our confectionery products, such as biscuits, pastries and cakes is not much different from the artisanal sector. Only the quantities of raw materials worked changes, but the key phases of the process are the same: dosage of ingredients, mixing, forming and baking.

Mac. Pan, true to its mission which consists in providing end customers around the world with the best, healthiest products worked to the state of the art, offers a range of machinery, equipment and supplies, in compliance with EC regulations, to meet, at the same time, the production requirements of pastry shops.

  • Planetary mixer 7/10/20 lt PL VAR

    - Bowl capacity 7/10/20 liters- Electronic variable speed by inverter- All mixers come with an integrated timer- Digital commands panel- Bench version- Manual bowl lift- Fixed plastic safety guard- Structure in painted steel or in stainless steel on request Standard equipment: bowl, fine wire whisk, beater and spiral

  • Planetary mixer 30/40/60 lt PL VAR - PL /3

    - Bowl capacity 30/40/60 liters- Models by 3 speed PL/3- Models with electronic variable speed by inverter PL/VAR- All mixers come with an integrated timer- Analog / mechanical commands panel- Manual bowl lift- Fixed rotating plastic safety guard- Structure in painted steel or in stainless steel on request Standard equipment: bowl, fine wire whisk, beater...

  • Planetary mixer 80/100/120/140 lt PL VAR - PL PROG

    - 80/100/120/140 liters- Electronic variable speed by inverter- Touch commands panel PL/PROG- Analog / mechanical panel PL/VAR- All mixers come with an integrated timer- Automatic bowl lift- Removal of the bowl removing mixing tools (PL80/ECO only)- Removal of the bowl without removing mixing tools (all other models)- Fixed rotating plastic safety guard

  • Twin arm mixer IBT

    Steel structure painted  Bowl made of outstandingly thick stainless steel with a reinforcement at the base. Available in three versions 40, 50, 60, 110, 130, 150 kg. The arms are made of 20 mm thick stainless steel, and mounted on self-lubricated ball bearings. Gears made of spheroidal cast iron immersed in an oil bath to guarantee silence and durability.

  • Manual dough sheeter table model MK /B

    The compact size of the MK500B, MK500Beco,MK500T models make them ideal for use in very small working environments. the MK500Beco manufactured without lower tables and stainless steel extensions has been designed specifically for use in extremely small work spaces. The belts are controlled manually by using the joystick. The MK500T sheeter manufactured...

  • Manual dough sheeter MK

    Reliable, sturdy, efficient. MACPAN dough sheeters are designed and built to guarantee exceptionally easy and functional use in accordance with all the international safety standards. Croissant cutting device available for MK600, models 1200 mm and upwards, fitted with a reinforced table and special 2-speed motor.

  • Automatic dough sheeter MK /AUT

    All the automatic models are equipped of 7” colored touch screen panel which allows to work in three modes: manual/semiautomatic/automatic. In this way the machine’s programming becomes easy and intuitive for the operator. It is possible to register 100 recipes with different production cycles. The machine can have as optionals the flour duster and winder...

  • Croissants moulder FC

    A special rolling system and the possibility to adjust the stainless steel cylinder allow to handle dough between 2 and 7 mm thick, as well as mini-croissants. Front loading and back  unloading of the rolled pieces on a baking-tin. Output per hour ca. 800 pieces. Completely in stainless steel. Recommended for coupling with puff-paste making machine, with...

  • Working table inox MACTAB INOX

    The MAC TAB cutting table built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel for alimentary use in compliance with current regulations has been designed for the preparation of all flaky pastry, short-crust pastry and dough products.

  • Croissant automatic unit MP

    The model MP200 unit, made entirely of painted steel or with stainless steel 304 panels. The sheet of dough, rolled with the rolling pin, is laid on the feed table. The dough is rolled by the gauging cylinders to ensure uniform weight. The triangles are cut in two stages, separated and conveyed automatically to the curling unit that rolls up the product.

  • Electric cream cooker MC

    MC machines are intended for production and preparation of choux pastry, pastry creams, chocolate, fondant, fruit jams, coating, stuffing, various mixtures of original recipes, as well as for any product which require even heating and smooth blending. Often used in pastries and bakeries

  • Doughnut fryers FRY

    The fryers have been designed and built for frying in continuous way berliners, donuts and other similar floating products, that are fried first on one side and then on the other. The hourly production capacities of such machines are variable, since they depend on the product’s size and on the wished frying time.

  • Press for butter MPB

    Automatic butter and dough presses are machines that press doughs and fats into blocks, ready to be rolled, thus reducing processing times.

  • Grinding machines RF2C

    The two cylinder grinding mill is tool for pastry making designed and produced to last. It’s as solid and hefty as the two granite rollers that make up its basic working parts, guaranteeing a high quality yield. The rollers are adjustable to set the gauge of the milled product, working on nuts like almonds or walnuts but also on chocolate and sugar.

  • Sugar grinder MCZ

    The sugar grinder is a machine for the production of icing sugar, ideal for pastries and confectionery production. • sieve constructed using Aisi 304 stainless steel, sieve opening size 0,8 mm• hopper constructed using Aisi 304 stainless steel with adjustable product flow.•structure with product collector constructed using Aisi 304 stainless steel,...

  • Electronic dosing machine MDE / DOSIBEST

    It is an electric dosing machine that can fulfill all the needs of a pastry workshop, table version. It has an innovative design and a compact stainless steel structure.It is suitable for filling, stuffing or dripping cream,jam,chocolate cream and other kinds of sauces. It is equipped with a keyboard which is very easy to program and has three kinds of...