The area of simple pleasures is also covered by our offer. The pastry shop machinery by Mac.Pan guarantees production in line with the tastes and needs of consumers around the world, combined with constant reliability over time.

In addition to the repair service, and a capillary support service, we also offer equipment and supplies for pastry shops, including for retailers and wholesale suppliers.

The technology used at industrial level for our confectionery products, such as biscuits, pastries and cakes is not much different from the artisanal sector. Only the quantities of raw materials worked changes, but the key phases of the process are the same: dosage of ingredients, mixing, forming and baking.

Mac. Pan, true to its mission which consists in providing end customers around the world with the best, healthiest products worked to the state of the art, offers a range of machinery, equipment and supplies, in compliance with EC regulations, to meet, at the same time, the production requirements of pastry shops.