Thirty years of experience have allowed us to know how to evaluate machinery used for bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias, supermarkets, industrial and Ho.Re.Ca. kitchens and know whether they are good deals to offer anyone not yet willing to invest in new machinery.

Our used goods pick-up service for our clients allows us to evaluate and select machinery that is still efficient and capable of meeting the needs of buyers in the food chain, many of whom are new to the world of industrial manufacturing.

Starting a production business with machinery already used on lines, in fact, enables a less expensive approach, not only in financial terms, but also by allowing them to gain experience and know-how with already extensively tested machinery which can later be modified, integrated or replaced to accommodate the progress of the business.

With the offer of used machinery, we can definitively promote new production businesses, favouring a sort of "virtuous recirculation" of systems, as real food chain professionals.

A beneficial option for companies, allowing them to invest in used machinery and expand their business at affordable prices, obtaining machinery that best fits their needs.

Ideal for small enterprises, many of which are located in developing countries near ours, these used machines can form the foundation of a company that plans in the future to purchase new lines, obviously guaranteed by our brand.