• Manual dough sheeter table model MK /B

    The compact size of the MK500B, MK500Beco,MK500T models make them ideal for use in very small working environments. the MK500Beco manufactured without lower tables and stainless steel extensions has been designed specifically for use in extremely small work spaces. The belts are controlled manually by using the joystick. The MK500T sheeter manufactured...

  • Manual dough sheeter MK

    Reliable, sturdy, efficient. MACPAN dough sheeters are designed and built to guarantee exceptionally easy and functional use in accordance with all the international safety standards. Croissant cutting device available for MK600, models 1200 mm and upwards, fitted with a reinforced table and special 2-speed motor.

  • Automatic dough sheeter MK /AUT

    All the automatic models are equipped of 7” colored touch screen panel which allows to work in three modes: manual/semiautomatic/automatic. In this way the machine’s programming becomes easy and intuitive for the operator. It is possible to register 100 recipes with different production cycles. The machine can have as optionals the flour duster and winder...

  • Croissant automatic unit MP

    The model MP200 unit, made entirely of painted steel or with stainless steel 304 panels. The sheet of dough, rolled with the rolling pin, is laid on the feed table. The dough is rolled by the gauging cylinders to ensure uniform weight. The triangles are cut in two stages, separated and conveyed automatically to the curling unit that rolls up the product.