• Water doser and doser/mixer MA/MD/MDM

    The dosing units MA and dosing and mixing MDM they provide a valuable aid to the baker because they serve to dose in a precise and automatic the amount of water needed to produce a dough. MA: DOSING UNITS MD/MDM: DOSING AND MIXING UNITS

  • Water chiller MR

    The water chillers serve to cool the water destined to the creation of mixtures for food products such as bread, pasta, etc. They are constructed of stainless steel, the tank and the evaporator coil 304, and with fittings and materials from only the European market. MR: WATER COOLER CWR: WATER COOLER + WATER METER

  • Flour sifter MSF

    Able to eliminate all impurities and is specially studied to oxygen the flavour. Mounted on wheels with a locking device, equipped with a revolving exit system. In the basic model the flour comes out at 104 cm from floor level (on request the height can be modified). Can be inspected on both sides. Sifting capacity 100 Kg every 5’.