• Horizontal bread slicers OP

    Horizontal slicer. It allows the full or partial slicing of loaves (sandwiches, buns). The cutting height and also the cutting depth are adjustable..* Possibility to have the base

  • Semi-automatic bread slicer MPT

    Steel machine in table version or stand with wheels and brake. The cutting is made by double frame of blades with an alternative axial movement. Supply there is a crumbs drawer, plans and bread-pusher in stainless steel. Bread-pusher with lever MINI: table top version MPT: on wheels version

  • Automatic bread slicer with motorized belts MPT/AUT

    Our industrial series of bread slicers are designed for intensive working environment. Durability, high capacity and low maintenance were the most important viewpoints when we designed this machine. Special belts designed for bread slicers. Both the upper and lower belts are moving and their speed can be regulated. The upper belt’s height can be regulated...