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Automatic 2 belts slicer


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High productivity machines for bakeries for industrial use. The high capacity bread slicer with belts has two speed adjustable belts. These deliver continuosly the bread toward the blades. With this machine, the unit cost of slicing a bread can be significantly reduced.

Features: Special belts designed for bread slicers. Both the upper and lower belts are moving and their speed can be regulated. The upper belt’s height can be regulated of course. Easy to move thanks to the 4 breakable wheels. Slice thickness can be ordered between 8 - 22 mm. Reliable, low noise operation. Easy to change blades. Adjustable gravity slide in stainless steel. Adjustable side guides. Options: DUAL model: with two different or two similar slice thicknesses. Two machines in one body + 50% speed! Bag blower (+25-30 % speed). Start pedal. Motorized height adjustment of the upper belt. Can be painted in any color. 220 V monophase electric connection.