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Semi-automatic bread slicer


New product

Steel machine in table version or stand with wheels and brake. The cutting is made by double frame of blades with an alternative axial movement. Supply there is a crumbs drawer, plans and bread-pusher in stainless steel. Bread-pusher with lever

MINI: table top version

MPT: on wheels version

Features: Comfortable use, easy to pulling the lever. Mounted on 4 wheels with brakes. Stainless steel, adjustable packing plate on the top of the machine. 230V mains connection. Quality blades made in Belgium, easy to change the blades. Slice thickness can be ordered between 8-22 mm. Options: Safe slicing option: if ordered, the blades stop while the operator place the bread on the back table. “L” (large) models for rounded breads with more than 270 mm slicing depth. 400V 3 phase (50Hz) mains connection. Left hand operation.