reconditioned - MAC PAN


The vast experience gained in the machinery sector for the bread-making industry has allowed our company to pay the utmost attention to the used machinery regeneration process. In our workshop, careful reconditioning of the used machinery is carried so that it can be offered again with guaranteed complete reliability. The reconditioning process even enhances the performance of the machinery and brings it back to optimal functionality. Our reconditioned machinery guarantees reliability, quality and longevity comparable with those of new machinery and is covered by the same warranty.

In addition to the convenient quality-price ratio, it also enables saving natural resources and protecting the environment. In fact, a reconditioned machine requires less use of new raw materials and also enables savings in the energy necessary to manufacture a new one.

The machinery is completely dismantled and, in general (considering the number of machines we handle) the process which it undergoes is composed of various phases:

  • Dismantling and washing the machine bodywork
  • Complete interior/exterior repainting
  • Accurate inspection of worn, damaged or missing parts.
  • Repair and replacement of damaged or faulty parts, with new materials (for example, gaskets or ball bearings).
  • Solving of problems encountered based on previous intervention
  • Re-assembly of the machinery
  • Inspection and testing of electrical systems.
  • Upgrading to comply with European (EC) directives.
  • Test and inspection.