It all began on 6 October 1983, when Ottorino Marcante, together with his children, decided to make available his experience to support, maintain, service and repair oven and pastry shop equipment, as well as machinery for bakeries, gaining and consolidating a leading position on the Italian market in just a few years.

The experience gained over time, combined with a vocation for innovation and the development of new technologies, has enabled the company to broaden its horizons, firstly working in the reconditioning of machinery with complete overhauls, followed by the design and manufacture of machinery and supply of equipment for bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias and for the entire Ho. Re. Ca. industry, including industrial kitchens for large communities.

All of the above comes with a guarantee of prompt and precise support, all over the world. Since the early Nineties, the company has been operating on foreign markets, starting out in the countries of Eastern Europe, then offering machinery and services with high added value, such as reconditioning, to other continents, reaching 175 countries around the world.

Today, our Mac.Pan is more than ever projected onto the global market, appreciated for the quality of its machinery and industrial lines, for the reliability of its service, for its values of integrity and honesty which our clients have come to appreciate for over thirty years.

Sede Storica MACPAN