working table inox

Working table inox


New product

The MAC TAB cutting table built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel for alimentary use in compliance with current regulations has been designed for the preparation of all flaky pastry, short-crust pastry and dough products.

More details

Banco MACTAB is a practical and rugged dough cutting table, with belt mounted on a reinforced deck and rollers located under the cutter head to maximise operator comfort and working efficiency. Banco MACTAB is equipped with a single speed 0.09 kW 700 rpm motor with gear reducer: the belt (600 cm x 4200 cm) takes 1 minute to perform a complete revolution – only 10.5 seconds per metre. Power, reliability, and ease of use: Banco MACTAB confirms all the features of excellence of MACPAN appliances, with the very best quality/price ratio.

Details and optionals

The double seat cutting station avoids the dough to stick in the moulds.
Inclined conveyor belt for waste dough recovery (optional).
Flour spreader device can be installed to the makeup line as optional (optional).
The calibrator allows the last lamination to obtain a uniform weight (optional).
Table with single curling unit to reduce croissant production time (optional).
Few models of cutting rollers (optional).