Electric deck ovens


New product

CONTROL INSTRUMENT FOR BAKING CHAMBERS Electronic control of new conception equipped with: economizer, storable baking programs, independent control for steam heating element, deferred start timer, buzzer and timer for baking time ending, temperature control for ceiling and bed plate with double thermostat and double probe

Optional features
Front in special stainless steel "web linen"
External panelling in stainless steel
Tempered door glass with a new opening system, which is very easy to handle and to disassemble for cleaning operations

Oven with 3 or 4 static baking chambers
Chambres cuisson indépendants avec contrôle séparé de voûte et sole
Refractary baking plates in  ber- glass
Satin  nish stainless steel oven front, external panelling in pre-painted sheet iron
Armoured heating elements at high energetic ef ciency
Steam generator set for powerful steam supply
Digital control panel with microprocessor equipped with economizer and programmable ignition