Electric Piston Dosing/Filling Machine


New product

Designed with a modular system, this all stainless steel Dosing/Filling Machine is easy to operate. Equipped with an injecting gun coming with controls conveniently located in the handle grip, this machine allows to fill croissants, cannoli’s, cream puffs, donuts, etc.,  directly on the workbench. Mechanical setting of the dosage with graduated index from 5 to 40gr.

Hand-operated Dosing/Filling Machine entirely made of stainless steel, endowed with powerful thrust ideal to fill croissants, cream puffs, sponge cakes etc., with nut cream and nutella-like creams. The dosing head group can be completely disassembled for proper cleaning and easily washed in a dishwasher. Mechanical setting of dosage with graduated index rangingfrom 5 to 40 gr.(with dosing gun from 5 to 30 gr.).

This type of machine is perfect to fill cakes, tarts, jars, etc. with medium/high quantities  (up to 170gr.) of cream  or jam. The machine can also fill very high quantities of donuts, croissants, etc. with lower dosage (up to 60gr.) by simply replacing the optional dosing head and increasing the speed of the motor thrust.

Electric Piston Dosing/Filling Machine entirely made of stainless steel, two models are available, CAND and CAND PLUS, to fill medium and high quantity of products containing pieces of candied fruit, raisins, chocolate chips, etc.. while keeping constant weight. Manual adjustment of dosing with graded index from 10 to 80 gr.and from 30 to 170 gr.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES:heating bend for chocolate cream/injection gun with nozzle/various size nozzles/pedalboard.