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Grinding machines


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The two cylinder grinding mill is tool for pastry making designed and produced to last. It’s as solid and hefty as the two granite rollers that make up its basic working parts, guaranteeing a high quality yield. The rollers are adjustable to set the gauge of the milled product, working on nuts like almonds or walnuts but also on chocolate and sugar.

More details

This is the ideal machine for your pastry shop. It is provided with cast iron helical gears in a complete oil bath, grease nipples and a modern system for fastening the scraping blades which make it extremely sturdy, reliable and also very fast and easy to clean. Its robust structure includes a steel sheet base and cast-iron shoulders, making it an undisputed leader in the field of mixers. The perfectly faced porphyry cylinders may be separated from each other by a handwheel but still remain perfectly parallel. The rear cylinder turns on its axis for better refining. The machine is equipped with accident prevention features as well as a low voltage 24V electrical system in accordance with safety regulations.