Spezzatrici Semiautomatiche con griglia ZOOM

Spezzatrici Semiautomatiche con griglia


New product

Frame in galvanized electric welded steel; coatings in painted or stainless steel; basins, knives and grids in 304 stainless steel

Presses in PE500 food grade polyethylene; inside surface of the cover in PE500 food grade polyethylene; plates in PETG food grade polyethylene.

Hydraulic machine. All functions are carried out using a joystick: pressing, cutting and knife cleaning.

Selector to select two types of pressure, high and low.

Min./max. sizes are provided purely as an indication and can vary according to the degree of leavening of doughs.
Hourly production rates are also indicative, as they always depend on the user’s internal organization (tests performed in a laboratory with equipment).