Manual intermediate proofer - MAC PAN

Manual intermediate proofer


New product

Available in 3 different sizes, the choice of model to maximise production will depend on your mixing capacity.

It is designed specifically for artisanal bread-making, where dough consistency and quality is of utmost importance.

BP is one of a range of manual load/unload dough proofers. Often used in conjunction with a hydraulic divider and moulder, which is placed above the MB, it allows for proofing of the dough after division and prior to moulding.

The standard troughs enable dough pieces of up to 350 gr to be loaded.

Fitted with power sockets for connection to a divider and moulder, it has left and right-side manual push buttons as well as a userfriendly hands-free control. Foot-operated.

An optional germicide treatment system is also available to ensure optimal hygiene.