Modular electric ovens 2 trays 40x60 - MAC PAN

Modular electric ovens 2 trays 40x60


New product

Static baking chamber for 2-tray 40x60 cm.
- Electric heated
- Totally independent

» Refractory baking stones plate made of fibreglass
» High-performance armoured heating elements
» Digital electronic microprocessor controller
» Programmable switch and economizer
» Manual valve for steam excess exhaust
» Stainless steel front
» Tempered glass doors

More details

The main characteristic of the Modular ovens is the possibility to configure their structure according to customer’s needs.
To this end you can choose:
- quantity of baking chambers (from 1 to 4)
- usable internal height of the chambers (18 or 23 cm)
- type of support feet (h.18 feet, h.10 feet, wheels or plates)

- if necessary, you can motorize the hood by installing an extractor fan
- if necessary, chambers can be equipped with a humidification system

The dimensional (height, weight, etc.) and the technical data (consumption, installed power) must be calculated by adding the data of several installed components.

When configuring the oven, keep in mind that:
- if you want to install the humidifier, it is necessary to provide also install a lower support (proofer)
- it is always necessary to install a type of support feet in order to level the oven in case of floor imperfections
- chambers panelling and proofer coating must be made of the same material