Modular electric ovens 3 trays 40x60


New product

Modular electric ovens for pastry, pizza, bread and gastronomy products. Perfectly modular and totally independent baking chambers guarantee perfect baking of different products requiring different times, temperatures and baking methods. Sudden increases in productivity are met without replacing the oven: just supplement and increase it by adding one or more new baking chambers.

A solid support structure and totally stainless steel exterior baking chamber and prover cladding and a total stainless steel aspiration hood are guarantees of strength and durability. Oven doors, available in three different useful heights (18-25-30 cm) are side hung and insulated. Ovens are heated by powerful stainless steel shielded electric heating elements. Temperatures are controlled by an electronic temperature regulator. This acts in a range from 0°C to 400°C and independently between ceiling and bedplate.

Ovens, thanks to total modularity and variable sizes, can be configured to meet space requirements and production demand. The prover, complete with pan guides, has thermostatic heating control. It can be replaced by a support stand.