Retarder provers


New product

The dough-retarders allow the baker to organize his work better seaving him from night work. As a matter of fact the product can be prepared during the day and, when ready, put into the FRIGOPAN dough-retarder chambers that will give it back perfectly leavened and ready to bake at a determined time next morning. The working cylce in the dough-retarder chambers is formed by the following phases:

  • CONSERVATION: at a temperature which blocks yeast activity (temperature less than +5°C);
  • REAWAKENING: temperature rises gradually till +16°C preparing bread for next yeast activity;
  • YEAST ACTIVITY: temperature rises gradually till the set value (maximum possible 40°C) and the relative humidity is maintained as set;
  • BLOCK/YEAST ACTIVITY (hammock): the value of temperature drops at 10°C blocking the yeast activity and maintaining the product ready for baking. This system allows the baking of the product in more successive batches


  • Casing: 7 cm panels for walls, internal and external plastic coated plate, optional internal and external stainless-steel; 7 cm thickness reinforced floor;
  • Oversized compressors and evaporators: guarantee a high humidity rate and high refrigerating capacity even at a low ventilation speed. They are suitable also for big size bread warranting always the absence of skin on the product;
  • Flux d’air homogène: la distribution de l’air égale sur toute la longueur de la chambre assure des pains tous égaux;
  • Product oxygenation: extractors ensure change of air and the perfect oxygenation of the product
  • Easy control board: installed on the door;
  • Simple to use: it is sufficient to select temperature and accumulation duration, conservation temperature, duration, temperature and humidity during rising;