rotary ovens 10 tray 2 tray electric chamber

Rotary ovens 8/10 tray + 2-tray electric chamber


New product

In order to meet specific production requirements, a small 2-tray static electrical chamber can also be installed on the oven, in addition to the proofer.
The small chamber is interposed between the oven and the proofer.
The small chamber is totally independent from the oven.
In order to reduce the overall height of the structure, the proofer is lowered (proofer height 66 cm).

More details

- Sized for 8 or 10 TRAYS 40x60 cm
- Only available in ELECTRIC version

Oven complete with:
» Motorized steam suction hood
» Stainless steel steam suction housing
» Stainless steel base
» Door with double glazing
» Stainless steel baking chamber, front and door
» High-performance armoured heating elements
» New humidifier: enhanced, easy to access and completely removable
» Manual valve steam excess exhaust

under the oven, according to your needs, it is possible to install:
- Support with runners for trays
- Proofer
- Small 2-tray electric chamber and proofer

The chamber comes complete with:
» Refractory baking stone plates made of fibreglass
» High-performance armoured heating elements
» Digital electronic microprocessor controller
» Programmable switch and economizer
» Manual valve for steam excess exhaust
» Stainless steel front
» Tempered glass doors

Technical DATA

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