Rotary ovens Rotor


New product

Door handle with black thermo-refractory Bakelite hilt.

Double glazing for better thermal insulation.

Very thick and sturdy door.

Due to the easiness of operation the Rotor ovens are ideal for installation in any bread or pastry shop. The heat exchanger with three turns exploits the heat produced in the combustion better, ensuring more uniform baking with lower consumption. Baking chamber and oven front in stainless steel, external panelling in painted sheet steel. Electric function or with gas/gas oil burner. Control panel: electromechanical, digital or computerized. New conception of the steam generator which grants abundant steam supply all over the baking rack. Three rack hooking systems: rotating platform, top hook or automatic lifting device. Versions: ROTANT: combustion chamber and burner on the left front side. PHANTON: with combustion chamber and burner on the left rear side.