Volumetric dividing - MAC PAN

Volumetric dividing


New product

Volumetric divider with vaacum system suitable to work soft or medium soft dough containing minimum 55% of water.

Electric drives and inverters. Pieces counter with automatic stop when dough finishes.

Stainless steel drum, stainless steel hopper.

Conveyor belt is adjustable in height and is available in two different lengths.

Lubrification by an oil-recirculating system.


Electronic control board

Conveyor belt with independent motor

Teflon coated hopper

Adjustable rounding truck on motorized exit conveyor belt

Pressure hopper to obtain scaling accurage both with medium-hard dough (up to 4,8 lt. water per 10 kg. flour) and long risen dough

Stainless steel covers

Min./max. sizes are provided purely as an indication and can vary according to the degree of leavening of doughs.
Hourly production rates are also indicative, as they always depend on the user’s internal organization (tests performed in a laboratory with equipment).