chambers de fermentation controlee plateaux 40x60 ou 60x80

Chambers de fermentation contròlée plateaux 40x60 ou 60x80


New product

L'armoire de protection contre le retardateur convient aux pièces de taille moyenne à petite, composées principalement de pâte et de produits de pâtisserie assaisonnés.

- structure entièrement en acier inoxydable
- portes réversibles à fermeture automatique
- supports internes pour les moules
- soutien avec pieds réglables
- température de fonctionnement: -5°C / +35°C or -18° / +35°

More details

Structure in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 - structure insulation in CFC-free polyurethane - door frame completely integrated in the structure itself to grant top hygiene - equipped with a silicone gasket resistant to low temperatures, self-closing door from, magnetic and heated door frame (in the “B” models) - on site reversible door - stainless steel feet adjustable in height - trays holder structure in stainless steel - ergonomic top-to-bottom door handle - fully automatic system for defrost and evaporation of condensation.

The new controller allows an intuitive and dynamic management of your work, thanks to the modern and flexible full touch technology. You can choose the programmed or immediate working mode. The immediate mode allows you to program only the leavening phase with the possibility of adding or not keeping. The programmed mode allows you to program five work phases (blocking, preservation (always active), awakening, rising and slowing down/maintaining), with the possibility of excluding one or more, changing the cycle duration, the temperature and the percentage of humidity . The download of the H.A.C.C.P. data will be easy and quick thanks to the standard USB port, update software and programs and upload tailored cycles.