fours a convection electrique gas 5 plateaux 40x60

Fours a convection électrique/gas 5 plateaux 40x60


New product

Les fours CONVE sont spécialement conçus pour les laboratoires les plus sophistiqués et les pâtisseries professionnelles, des environnements dans lesquels le temps et la précision, la fiabilité et la solidité sont des paramètres essentiels pour choisir et apprécier une solution.

More details

CONVE ovens are specially designed for the most sophisticated laboratories and professional pastry shops, environments in which time and precision, reliability and strength, are essential parameters to choose and appreciate a solution.
These ovens are our most state-of-the-art response to the more demanding cooks requests: a range designed to enhance their creativity and excellence, offering complete cooking systems, observing the typicality of Italian recipes and international cuisine.

Know-how and specialization in professional ovens industry for pastry and bakery are part of the CONVE range: an iconic oven for those who appreciate the Made in Italy "know-how".

Reliability and durability are the result of constructive solutions and implemented techniques in over thirty years of experience with a specific focus in pastry-making. Resistant and performing components. Maximum optimisation of air recirculation inside the cooking chamber.