Fours gastronomiques à convection électriques ou à gaz plateaux GN1/1

Fours gastro à convection 10-20 plateaux GN


New product

Versatility, power and simplicity, make it the ideal support for all those commercial activities that involve the preparation and heating of dishes in limited spaces and often without the assistance of personnel with specific preparation

More details

Static cleaning system

The cleaning system designed by MACPAN ensures an easy and deep cleaning of the cooking chamber. It is an oven-integrated static system: the nozzles, specifically positioned to reach all the parts of the chamber, ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene preventing dirt and grease becoming the cause of malfunction. Unlike the rotary method, the static cleaning system has a better duration and requires less maintenance. The system works in total autonomy, it can be used during the night hours with a significant saving on the cost of electricity and saving employee’s precious time during their working hours. There are 4 different programs: rinse, light, normal and intense cleaning.

Delta T and Core probe

The core probe is a useful tool for the cooking of food that require constant and precise control of their degree of colouration at the core. This device automatically stops the cooking process at the exact moment the desired parameters are reached. The MACPANcore probe ensures control of the weight loss of the product without compromising quality. Delta T cooking works with the use of the core probe and makes it possible to maintain a constant difference between the temperature in the chamber and the temperature in the centre of the product: a value named Delta. The smaller the Delta the more delicate the cooking process will be. It is particularly suitable for products such as ham and large cuts of meat.

Scheduled start

The MACPAN ovens permit better organisation of the work allowing those who work in the kitchen the option of programming 5 different ignitions of the oven at exact pre-set times: in this way the work cycles are optimised with a considerable saving of time and the enhanced organisation of resources. Once programmed, the oven will operate automatically at a pre-set time for the specified duration and will stop at the pre-set cooking end time.


The meticulous adjustment of the fan speed allows the use of the hot air flow suitable for each type of cooking: when the air is perfectly distributed in the cooking chamber and the speed is adjusted according to the food to be cooked, even the most delicate products are prepared fully respecting their characteristics and quality. The speed regulator also improves the speed stability of the fan: thanks to the modulator each cooking process will ensure an excellent result.